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Q. How does Direct Money Market Work?
A. Given our extensive and knowledgeable experience in the commercial real estate lending industry we created a platform that brings the best lenders in the industry together with borrowers looking for capital. Our secret to success is our innovative application process that quickly and efficiently determines what lender is best for your project. From there we’re able to provide general terms while we ensure your file is complete with relevant documents (budget, proforma, color photos/appraisal, purchase contracts, etc). We have a team of commercial mortgage experts on standby to assist with any questions you may have.

Q. How is Direct Money Market Different From a Broker or Another Platform?
A. Our process is simple and transparent. Our fee is a flat 1% of the total loan amount. No games with brokers–easily see where your loan is at and follow it’s progression.

Q. How much does Direct Money Market Charge?
A. Direct Money Market charges a flat 1% fee on the total loan amount that is paid at closing.

Q. Can Brokers Use Direct Money Market?
A. Yes, brokers can submit deals and earn to a 1% commission. It is preferred that brokers have a signed fee agreement in place. No broker chains are allowed.

Q. What Lenders Are Allowed On Direct Money Market?
A. Only direct lenders are allowed on Direct Money Market. Lenders must maintain a high reputation. This includes closing deals in a timely manner and not charging excessive due diligence fees. Lenders that charge 1% commitment fees due upfront or have a low closing rate are not allowed on Direct Money Market. If you have had a poor experience with a lender on Direct Money Market, please email us immediately at loans@directmoneymarket.com.

Q. How long does it take to close on Direct Money Market?
A. Loans typically close faster on Direct Money Market than other traditional resources such as brokers and banks. Depending on the loan type, most loans close within 5-30 days with the exception of SBA and other government guaranteed loans which can take upwards of 60 days.

Q. Where Does Direct Direct Money Market Service?
A. Loans are available nationwide. Locations coming soon include: Canada, Mexico, The Carribbean, and The Bahamas.

Q. Is Direct Money Market Hiring?
A. We are always looking for individuals who are striving to become the best at what they do. Leave us a note about who you are and how you can help us grow at loans@directmoneymarket.com


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About Direct Money Market

The future of commercial lending is here! No need to tirelessly apply to lender after lender, use our simple online application, upload the required documents, and instantly be matched to a lender who wants to fund your deal! No more bank turndowns, no more dealing with expensive brokers and no more dealing with fake lenders. Need help? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We’ve answered common questions here, and we have a team of friendly loan officers standing by to assist you.

Our application process is easy and designed together with the best direct lenders to get your deal funded fast. Most lenders close in just 10-21 days!